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arrow Encyclopedia by GE Healthcare Bio Sciences 

Medline Plus Health Information
arrow A service of the National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health. 

Neurology Image Library
arrow Assembled hundreds of cases and thousands of CT, MR, and angiogram images into an integrated radiology image browser. The case list includes a rapidly growing assortment of cerebrovascular and neurological disorders. Provided by The Internet Stroke Center 

Mathematics and Physics of Emerging Biomedical Imaging
arrow This book (from National Academy Press) introduces the frontiers of biomedical imaging, especially the imaging of dynamic physiological functions, to the educated non-specialist. Even though published 1996 still a remarkably contemporary overview of the major biomedical imaging modalities. Suitable as a source book for further research and education. 

Tumors of the Nervous System - Internet Handbook of Neurology
arrow A Collection of High Quality Online Resources for Health Professionals compiled by Katalin Hegedüs, MD, PhD, Department of Neurology University of Debrecen, Hungary. 

Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology on the Internet
arrow Gross and microscopic image databases.
A Guide for Medical Students, Residents, and other Health Professionals. Compiled and designed by Katalin Hegedüs, MD, PhD.
The Whole Brain Atlas

The Whole Brain Atlas
arrow Brain Atlas and tumor iamges provided by Keith A. Johnson, M.D., and J. Alex Becker, Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School. Included topics are; Cerebrovascular Disease, Neoplastic Disease, Degenerative Disease, Inflammatory or Infectious Disease. 

The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education
arrow This web resource includes over 1900 images along with text, tutorials, laboratory exercises, and examination items for self-assessment that demonstrate gross and microscopic pathologic findings associated with human disease conditions. 

MRI Atlas of the Human Brain
arrow In this atlas you can view MRI sections through a living human brain as well as corresponding sections stained for cell bodies or for nerve fibers. The stained sections are from a different brain than the one which was scanned for the MRI images. Furthermore, for the stained sections, the brain was removed from the skull, dehydrated, embedded in celloidin, cut with a sliding microtome, passed through several staining and differentiating solutions, and mounted on glass slides. Each step of these procedures changed the shaped of the brain and of the sections. Therefore the stained sections will be quite a different size and shape than those of the MRI sections. Nevertheless, comparing MRI images with stained sections from approximately the same level can greatly increase understanding of the internal architecture of these brains. 


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